Antietam North Trail

Antietam National Battlefield features a variety of hiking and walking trails of varied length. Trail guides are available for download and offer a historical overview of battlefield locations. In addition to trail guides, Antietam NB offers podcasts for the Cornfield, Union Advance and Final Attack Trails. For more information visit the Antietam NB website or stop by the park’s Visitor Center.

Trail Information

Cornfield Trail: 1.6 miles
West Woods Trail: 1.5 miles
Bloody Lane Trail: 1.5 miles
Three Farms Trail: 1.6 miles
Sherrick Farm Trail: 1.3 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Terrain: grassy fields, woodsy trails, and gravel paths

Historic/Points of Interest:
1. Dunker Church 2. North Woods 3. East Woods
4. Cornfield 5. West Woods 6. Mumma Farm and Cemetery 7. Union Advance 8. Sunken Road (Bloody Lane) 11. Antietam National Cemetery

Parking: Antietam Battlefield Visitor Center, Sherrick Farm Trail, Antietam National Cemetery

Park Service Webpage:

Click here to view or print trail map.

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