Want to learn more?  Here are some helpful links to learn more information on both running and nature prescriptions.

  • – Information for patients and health providers of the most powerful prescription there is . . . physical activity
  • – First Lady Michelle Obama’s site on a healthy eating & physical activity

Suggested readings that may help you along your journey to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Spark: The Revolutionary new Science of Exercise and the Brain, by John J. Ratey, MD

This book details how exercise actually benefits your brain by improving learning, reducing anxiety and depression, and improving ADHD symptoms.  It can be a bit technical but provides a lot of great information that will encourage you to get your body moving.


The Blue Zone by Dan Buettner

Have you ever wondered what the secret is to living a long life? This book shares the lessons learned from studying the lifestyles of people living to be 100+ years old, in regions where these centenarians are clustered.   


The Fat Chance Cookbook by Robert H. Lustig, MD wih recipes by Cindy Gershen

This book provides details on why refined carbohydrates and processed foods hurt our bodies and can lead to obesity.  And most importantly….it provides over a 100 recipes for cooking without excess sugar.


Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubs

This book details why the current American diet, with large amounts of sugar and processed foods, is causing the obesity epidemic.  He reviews how the body processes food and stores it as fat, as well as provides suggestions as to how to combat obesity.