Natural habitats are very important to support wildlife.  Some animals are more limited than others as to what locations they can survive in.  Gray squirrels for example, are an animal that can live in parks, yards, or forests, and are found all along the eastern U.S and even parts of Canada.  However, sometimes an animal or plant has a very specific habitat and may only be able to survive in a few places.  Nature preserves are special parks that have been established to protect important wildlife or plants.  By doing this, we help to protect biodiversity, which is the variety of life in the world.  This includes all species of animals, plants, and insects…essentially any form of life.  Maintaining biodiversity is important because all species are interconnected.  For example, humans rely on bees so they can pollinate many of the fruit and vegetable plants that humans consume.

So lets all do our part to protect our parks, whether they are urban or rural, to preserve the biodiversity of our planet.

Check out the Global Issues website to learn more information about biodiversity.